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 German Sailtrainer "Offshore" is looking for a new challenge

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Michael Meyer

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German Sailtrainer "Offshore" is looking for a new challenge Empty
PostSubject: German Sailtrainer "Offshore" is looking for a new challenge   German Sailtrainer "Offshore" is looking for a new challenge Icon_minitimeTue Jan 25, 2011 8:19 am


my name is Michael Meyer from Germany, i am 43 years old, single, and looked back to more than 35 years of sailing experience.
Started sailing in a Optimist step up to the 420/470er Szene. Not fast enough i changed to the Hobie 16 for litle more than 10 years
in the German Rangelist, i sailed a few of races in the Mediteran see along the spanish coast. In the age of 22 i started to manifest my knowledge, went to a offical Nautic School and earnd my first licens. More years older more driving licenses. But this is only a paper.
Sailing comes out of you, the hole body has to become one with the boat. You have to use your hole 5 sins to become a good and if it s
needed also a fast sailor.
In 1998 i officaly started teaching Seasailing for some German Sailing Schools. At the most Time we used a 47 feet long sloop for the training weeks and on those trips you had to teach 6 People in handling, navigation (GPS and the good old papercard and terrestric navigation, Radarplotting, and the hole electric helps. But whats happend if there is now electric on board. all systems broke down. Thats the reason that i teached both varriants of navigation and try that everybody make min. 4 hand skripted Positionmarks a day in the paper card.) Also emergancy situations will trained, medical help/ first aid, weather, becoming a good working crew to win match races also as lomg distance races. I teached them all i know and what i had learnd the last 35 years. After this week full of training and live permanantly on board,
the 6 Trainees will be tested. No chance for me to help. they have to do it by themself.
Many privat Trips on different yachts between 30 and 50 feet where listed in my Milebook. The J109 was needed for Team Trainigs for the middle and high managment to become a well function and winning unit in there real jobs. I call it Managertuning.
At the moment i earned money by programming Industrial welding robots. I am a learnd MIG/MAG Welder with the last 12 years of experience in Robot welding up to multirobot layouts with more than 6 working groups. This is the world largest producer for industrial robots. i also worked for them as Programmer, Teacher for soft and hardware and welding. Completed Arc Welding Support.
But now I try to change this. I looked for another chance, making something completed new. there are a lot of interested jobs like
-Help to build up a Sailing Center with Shool for Kids, Teens, race interested, Only women training ( i must learned that there are differents in teaching male and female. Women where faster.),
-Someone is searching for his permanantly skipper, 100% stand by with the equipment.
-Working in refit, ( i also bring 13 years of learned german Car mechanic experience with Master 3+4)
Tuning for Powerboats and normal inspections on Yachts. HONDA Motors was the last station in where i get the knowledge about Tuning.
-New Construction / Building a new Yachtline in Almg. Finest Dubai Yachts, everything is possably.
If there is some one how understand me and my enthusiastic for sailing, and the jobs around sailing, and boating.
Please try it, give me a chance and lets have a week or a month to find out. In every position on bord, in the docks, at school.
every job in the nautical szene.

Thanks for your time in reading this short letter.
In hope to get a resume.
Freindly yours

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer
Rüdesheimer Straße 20
65197 Wiesbaden

Cell Phone : 0049 (0) 1525 1776179
email :
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German Sailtrainer "Offshore" is looking for a new challenge
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